Paint Transformations

Last week the year 2 students in my class worked through a guided lesson to using the functions of the Microsoft paint program. Step by step I introduced them to the task bar and the options that could be used and through the creation of a landscape, the students were able to engage with the functions offered and explore and experiment with the tools featured in the program.  The students were explicitly taught to draw lines and create shapes and to fill them with colour. Then they were shown how each of the brush tools offered a different aesthetic result. After the foundations of the landscape were constructed the students could use the last of their time to continue testing and trialing strategies and techniques with each of the functions in the program. Here are some examples of the students landscape creations.


In week 2 the students returned to the lab. In science they are required to present their understanding of the stages in an animal’s life cycle. The students were guided to draw upon their newly constructed paint user skills to demonstrate their understanding of the stages of a chosen animal’s life cycle. I was really pleased with the results, and the student’s enthusiasm. The students applied their understanding of the shapes function to create page sections and some used arrows to direct the stages of the life cycle.

Here are some examples chosen by the teacher to represent a vast array of ability levels across the class. What too do in lab this week? Well, in technology the students are creating 3D models of bugs. I will be uploading photos of their completed models for the students to use in their reflection tasks.


Make the most of your last week of prac,



One thought on “Paint Transformations

  1. Hi Natt,

    I really enjoyed reading this post as I am also doing year 2 for prac and was trying to incorporate ICT’s into my art lesson but was stuck for ideas last week so went without. I love this lesson idea and wish there was another art lesson this week for me to try it! Oh well, missed opportunity but how insightful it was to read this. Unfortunately at my school though we only have computer lab on Friday afternoons by a different specialised teacher so it counts as non-contact time which means I can’t actually utilise the computer labs in any of my lessons. I doubt I would have been able to borrow out a class set of computers from the library either. I will definitely file this idea away for the future though if you don’t mind!

    All the best for your last few days of prac.


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