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Comparing Dragons: My week 1 professional experience

It’s week one of professional experience and I have observing my mentor teacher’s use of ICTs in the classroom with interest. So far I have seen my mentor use Youtube to present a reading of the storybook The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch, 1992) to the students as a resource to explore characters’ appearances and traits. I observed the children’s response to the video. They watched with interest as the well-presented video moved through the story. When the teacher read the contrasting book, Emily and the Dragon (Lee, 2008) the students appeared to fell a stronger urge to respond verbally to events and share their thoughts, opinions and ideas, they laughed and enjoyed the expression used by the teacher as she read. This response from the children was not evident in the video presentation of the story. It was a far more passive experience.

I observed my mentor teacher using the projector function of the whiteboard to project an image of a table which she used to keep score of a math battle the students played. The students were able to enter details onto the table, using whiteboard markers, as the interactive function of the whiteboard has a fault and is currently not able to be used interactively. I have observed the teacher using the projector function of the IWB in this way almost daily in this first week. I can see the benefits of the projector, students can see clearly the modelling of tasks and explicit teaching is enhanced by the way that the students are seeing an exact replica of the sheet they are to complete and the teacher uses the whiteboard markers to fill the sheet with examples, hints, clues and other information.

Considering the limitations of the Interactive White Board in my mentor’s classroom and the expectation of us enhancing and transforming student learning using ICTs, I have planned a series of math experiences, introducing multiplication as repeated addition in the form of a series PowerPoint slides. The presentation today was well received by the students and positively critiqued by my mentor.  I drew upon my observations and created slides that the students could interact with in the form of completing sums and showing working, using markers. I included the use of concrete math materials to complete the experience.

Next, enhancing science using ICTs.

Enjoying my experience so far, please feel free to share your positive ICT experiences.


Lee, L. (2008) Emily and The Dragon. Central Coast, Australia. Scholastic Australia ·                       ISBN10  1862915865

Munsch, R. (1992) The Paper Bag Princess. Ontario, Canada. Annick Press. ISBN10                      0920236162



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