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So here we are heading full steam towards the end of the course and just around the corner is professional experience, where we have the opportunity to demonstrate all we’ve learned about enhancing and transforming students learning using ICTs. A few weeks ago, I blogged about something special for Assignment 2 and the vast amount of time you can spend searching the ether for something that ticks all the boxes and that you’re not afraid of using. Now I’m happy to say I am quite enjoying creating this website for assignment 3, planning and narrating avatars to guide students around said website. I really am quite pleased with myself. J

My biggest problem is and will continue to be TIME. Using Diigo and Feedly helped streamline accessing information to a certain degree however when the course is over I plan to refine my library and my content searches to eliminate the time spent scrolling through content I want to read but really don’t have time to.  I’m still a massive fan of Facebook groups and Pinterest for networking. I work as a teacher aide at a school and so in this time I have been developing relationships and networks with my colleagues especially with teachers I can see have a way with incorporating teaching and learning with ICTs.

Being a pre-service teacher in the early years’ sector makes using ICTs to enhance, support and transform learning much simpler but I still have and want to know much more. I really just want to be able to put my hands-on classroom ICTs and start playing around. I’m a Kinesthetic learner and while I am learning a lot in this online subject, I need to do the practical components to get all this information to sink into my brain.

Becoming confident and competent with ICTs is such a roller coaster. One moment I’m feeling overwhelmed, sitting at the top of the hill looking down, fear running through my veins, holding my breath and then whoosh! I’m coasting along finding embedding avatars and formatting websites so surprisingly easy. Who would have known. Some days I still find formatting assignments SO frustrating.

The next test begins Monday when we all step into the classroom and practice what we have learned.

Good luck to you all.


Image: creative commons

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