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ICT and me


Week 2 has students reflecting upon the ways in which we use ICTs in our daily lives. For me I thought that included the more common of the digital technologies such mobile phone, laptop and desktop PC and the associated applications that allow me to communicate with friends and like-minded people, save interesting articles about topics of interest and interact with apps associated with my health and fitness band and exercise trainer.

The act of creating the concept map made me realise just how immersed in ICTs today’s average person is, and as an online university student who is currently studying ICT subject, with 2 school aged children attending a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ school (BYOD) my my recent exposure to digital technologies has grown exponentially.

As a pre service teacher, I am in a constant state of constructing a repertoire of resources to enhance the teaching I will undertake in upcoming professional experience placements and within my future classroom.

Learning about the RAT framework for evaluating the incorporation of ICTs and pedagogy has been enlightening. As a teacher aide, I see firsthand the many ways digital technologies are used in the classroom and the very different ways my son’s teacher uses digital technologies. Two examples come to mind focused upon homework. At my work place the school is trialing ed-studios through the Learning Place, an online learning environment by education Queensland in a centralised location students can access with their user ID to access and complete homework activities see (

My son’s teacher uses an application called Showbie here she uploads interactive documents into subject categories and accompanies them with instruction and due dates. Notifications are used to let students know a new document has been uploaded. Students uses a stylus to complete written work on these documents. Some of these documents are completed in class. She also adds related videos and slide presentations for the children to view at home in their own time.

Right now, I feel like I have far to go with my developing digital pedagogy and if I reflect back to my first blog post Toes in the water, I think I have waded into to the ocean ankle deep and I am looking out towards the waves and steadying myself for the next swell to come and I am smiling.

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