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As a requirement of EDC3100, students are required to gain experience and knowledge in adopting and working with Digital Technologies with students to enhance teaching and learning. Diigo is one of these technologies and this is what I’ve learned so far.

By all accounts Diigo seems to be an effective way of  storing, sharing and organising information for access by students. Teachers can use Diigo as a tool to support and enhance learning for example, capture screen shots, attach web pages and highlight text in documents for students to use when exploring subject content and completing assessment pieces.See this article I found on The Top 10 iPad tools for Information Management 

Diigo makes searching and exploring information safer than working with search engines like Google or Internet Explorer, as the teacher has filtered the information for relevance and suitability. I think this is a feature that would work particularly well in middle year levels when students are learning to navigate the web and determine the suitability of located information. Diigo increases student agency and independence. This can lead to a greater sense of ownership of their own learning as they can be left to navigate through the collection of information at their own pace, reading content that piques their interests. Teachers are freed up to make rounds and talk with students about their progress and the aspects of learning they are engaging with. The teacher can the add to Diigo more relevant information which individualises learning. This article from Edutopia talks about the trap teachers can fall into when using digital technologies with students and encourages me to be mindful of how I approach this journey into digital technologies in the classroom environment.

To some things up, Diigo is essentially your very own digital library. The implications are endless especially with the unprecedented amount of information we are accessible to in this current day. I am enthusiastic it’s use in the classroom with students and as a tool older students can use to manage their own learning journey into high school and beyond as we are learning today.

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